Awesome New YouTube Channel I Found On Cleaning

Just thought I’d make a quick post to showcase this awesome new channel I came across. it has lots of tips and tricks on how to clean your home quickly and easily.

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The Best Roofers In Dublin County

I have only ever had to hire a roofer once in my life, which I guess is something to be thankful for. Really of all the trades the roofing one seems to have the worst reputation, which is probably grossly unfair. In any line of work you will have people who genuinely are good at what they do and thoroughly enjoy it. You’ll also have people who have little or no interest in the job and coincidentally their work suffers for it.

The reason I’m making this quick post is because I firmly believe in telling the world all about  the “good guys” of the building trade. The guys who arrive when they say they will, do a good job and don’t leave you with a massive hole in your pocket. These roofers are definitely the most experienced and skilled roofing contractors dublin has ever seen.

Last winter we had a spot of bother with a corner of our roof. It had suffered some storm damage and was in urgent need of repair. That’s where Roofers Dublin come into the picture. They operate out of Dublin city but are capable of working with anyone in the county and even out as far as Kildare and other major towns just outside the city. The work they carried out was impeccable. So to the guys who helped us with our roof repairs were Roofers Dublin and I’d say they are the best if you’re looking for roof repairs in Dublin city or county.

By the way, here’s an interesting article I found  –

Lots To See In Dublin City

This blog is going to be about all of the best things about Dublin city. I’ll be documenting the best places to eat, the best places to visit, the best companies to hire and everything in between. I’ve always wanted to make something like this, but now I finally have the time to do so. I’ve lived in Dublin city all my life. I’ve seen firsthand how it has grown from a dirty poor city to a great city that people flock to from all over the globe.  Sure it can be quite expensive but if you break free from the tourist traps there are lots of relatively undiscovered parts of the city. Of course you would really have to live here for many years to discover them all. (That is where I come in!)

the spire

So if you live here and are curious or are thinking about coming here to stay or visit then this is the perfect blog for you.  Stay tuned for many more posts from me.